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About Us

Gastronome company definition is “A person Devoted to Refined Sensuous Enjoyment, Especially Good Food & Good Drink”

Mission and Vision
The ultimate food and beverage management company with a passion for excellent and innovation honoring the individuality and passion for the best food and beverage experience.

Akanoya Robotaki People
People are our greatest asset by highly skilled and decisive leadership Through Sincere engagement, respect and integrity, we create dynamic and passionate team.

We genuinely value our guests, who long to return, knowing they are in restaurant that respect the authenticity of a meal, are “the place to be” and where they receive precious and exceptional experiences, while their privacy is respected.

Management of each business unit know that their prestigious properties are professionally managed, financial performance is optimized, asset value enhanced and individuality retained.

Akanoya Robatayaki

Our Team

  • Gastronome Co., Ltd. And Yamagoya Thailand Co., Ltd.
    Managing Directior - Virawat Dangsubutra

  • Place Vendome Co.,Ltd.
    General Manager - Kukrit Prabhassarangkool

  • Gast. Beverage and Bakery Co.,Ltd
    General Manager - M.L. Poratrai Devakula

Karatama Robatayaki is the one and only Robatayaki restaurant in Bangkok. We offer high quality ingredients and service. Most of the ingredients are from Japan so when you come here you will get a taste like you are in Japan.
The noodles are made in-house and the stock is made using pork bones flown from Japan. Yamagoya specializes in Kyushu ramen....

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Contact us for more information call +66 (0)2 687 5530-8